Other Activities

Co-founder of CART

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Media Coverage


  • 2017  Future of Seafood: Nourishing the World conference (Invited Speaker)  Mapping the potential for marine aquaculture, Boston, MA, USA. Dec.
  • 2017  Invited Speaker to UCSB Blue Horizons Seminar The future of (sea)food is farmed. Santa Barbara, CA, USA. July.
  • 2017   Expert Panelist for UCLA IoES and Aquarium of the Pacific Joint Event (Invited Speaker) ‘Will Farmed Fish Save Our Oceans, Delight Our Palates, and Provide Healthy Food for All?’. Long Beach, CA, USA, May.
  • 2017   XXIII Conference of the European Association of Fisheries Economists (EAFE) Public Perceptions of Aquaculture Around the World. Dublin, Ireland, April.
  • 2017   Invited Speaker to University of Alaska Fairbanks Fisheries Department Spring Seminar Series What is marine aquaculture’s role in sustainable food production? An offshore perspective. Juneau, AK, USA, April.
  • 2017   West Valley College 5th annual Earth Stewardship Symposium (Invited Speaker) Marine Offshore Aquaculture and Sustainable Fisheries. Saratoga, CA, USA, April.
  • 2017   Expert Panelist for SNAPP & California Academy of Science Aquaculture Event (Invited Speaker) Aquaculture: Future of Sustainable Food. San Francisco, CA, USA, March.
  • 2016    Invited speaker to University of California Santa Barbara Foundation Board of Trustees Opportunities and uncertainties of sustainable offshore aquaculture. Santa Barbara CA, USA, October.
  • 2016    Invited Speaker to Bren School of Environmental Science & Management Potential and barriers of offshore aquaculture. Santa Barbara CA, October.
  • 2016    International Marine Conservation Congress Aligning conservation and seafood production: potential and barriers of offshore aquaculture expansion. St. John’s NL, August.
  • 2015    Northwest Scientific Association 86th Annual Meeting Evaluating hypoxia-inducible factor-1a mRNA expression in a pelagic fish, Pacific Herring Clupea pallasii, as a biomarker for hypoxia exposure. Pasco WA, April.
  • 2014    99th Ecological Society of American Annual Meeting 1) Spatial & temporal variation of nearshore community structure in a seasonally hypoxic estuary2) Perceptions, requirements, and reality: Barriers to full integration of citizen science in professional science. Sacramento CA, August.
  • 2014    2014 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference Is hypoxia restricted to the deep? Spatial & temporal variation of nearshore community structure in a seasonally hypoxic estuary. Seattle WA, April.
  • 2013    22nd Biennial Conference of the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Distributional shifts and species composition during seasonal hypoxia. San Diego CA, November.    
  • 2012    97th Ecological Society of American Annual Meeting Movement patterns and distributional shifts of Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) in response to hypoxia. Portland OR, August.
  • 2011    141th American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting Movement patterns and distributional shifts of Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) in response to hypoxia. Seattle WA, September.
  • 2010    44th Annual American Fisheries Society Cal-Neva Conference  Preliminary Physiological and Behavioral Analysis of Green Sturgeon (Asipenser medirostris) Fish-Screen Interactions. Redding CA, March.

Formal Reviewer

Journals: Conservation Letters; Frontiers in Marine Science; Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences; Royal Proceedings B; Biological Conservation; Ecology; Journal of Fish Biology; Open Fish Science Journal

Proposals: Wisconsin Sea Grant Proposal 2017; National Science Foundation Biological Oceanography 2016 proposal; Oregon Sea Grant 2015 Resilience Research Special Call Proposal


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